Throughout "The COM", you'll find numerous places to voice and post your opinion, viewpoint, expertise, comments, rants, raves, boastings, events, schedules, URL's, and Ads!

We are working hard to remain the most interactive site in the High Desert, and to become the most interactive site in Southern California. We have the tools, we have the time, we have the vision. Your input is all that is needed... so, as we say... TAKE ADVANTAGE OF US!

At High Desert EYEBROWS... You can see immediately how many people are currently in each public room. You can use private rooms for special meetings and events. You can take advantage of our Chat Schedule to tell others what time you expect to be found at the site!

Please take the time to read our Netiquette below as well.

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The currently operational message board is:

Participate in posting to special places on "The COM"

The rules for participating in every postable site on "The COM" are common sense, and they are also spelled out below.

Unlike most Usenet newsgroups, you'll find our local opinion arena free from many of these common pitfalls:

Additionally, you will be able to work with these message boards without ever having to leave The WWW and "The COM". And, Each message board will have links to the relative articles that inspired the board. Please feel free to dig in and discover the advantages of "The COM!"

Message Posting Rules

The purpose of these posting rules are simply to keep our boards relevant, clean, and enjoyable to all who read them. Deletions of postings will be exercised against only those who cannot operate within this framework. Deletions or edits will not be exercised toward anyone for simply having a different opinion (either real or imagined) from the b.b. monitors of "The COM"

Hard and Fast Rules

1. No profane or sexually suggestive language. (You will be auto-booted from chat for non-compliance)

2. No advertising. (except on boards stating that they allow it)

3. No irrelevant postings. (you'll be informed of a more appropriate board, if one exists)

4. No suggestions/messages for "The COM" (there is an email link on each for that purpose)

5. No flaming. (please take out your aggressions on Usenet! We'll take care of any violators)

Light Rules (more like suggestions/etiquette)

1. Keep your messages brief. If you want to submit an article please contact us.

2. Apply some thought, reason and research to your statements. (don't fabricate)

3. Don't belittle the opinions of others, but do make a stand for your viewpoint.

4. Be prepared for rebuttal. (our ideas and convictions are perfected as they are tested!)

Please Do's

1. Place links in your postings to your home page, or places that support your position.

2. Place graphics in your postings to help keep our boards interesting.

3. Please make suggestions for additional boards, formats, etc. to suggest@victorvalley.com

4. If you notice any violations, please report them to the monitor@victorvalley.com

For more instructions on how to make the most of your postings, take a course at The Internet Flight Training School at "The COM"

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