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Located along the path of the legendary Route 66, The Victor Valley stands above the Los Angeles Basin as a sentinel at the edge of the highly elevated Mojave Desert. Connecting the path between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, we live at a very comfortable and advantageous distance from both. Living less than 2 hours from all that is in The L.A./Orange County arena, less than an hour from local ski resorts, less than three hours from Las Vegas and Laughlin, and about 2 and a half hours from San Diego, certainly puts Victor Valley residents in a place of enviable proximity to all there is to do in Southern California and Nevada.

Despite it's metropolitan proximity however, the Victor Valley remains a modestly sized suburban community of about 250,000 people living in an area of roughly 350 square miles. There is very little smog that is able to make it's way here from Los Angeles, due to the barrier formed by the San Gabriel and San Bernadino Mountains that stands between us.

Our residents enjoy living in one of the most affordable areas of California. This is especially impressive when you consider our proximity to metropolitan San Bernadino only 40 minutes away. Many newer three bedroom homes can be obtained for well under $100,000 on large lots and parcels. Please visit our Real Estate Page for more information concerning the unique nature of our realestate climate and corresponding opportunities.

Our climate is also enviable. At 3000 feet, we avoid the exteme heat experienced by many California desert areas in the summer, and we also enjoy a light snow or two every other winter. The coastal haze of Los Angeles scarcely makes it up here to block the sun, and our sunsets are unbeatable!

The business climate at the time of this writing is opportune. The recent closure of George Air Force Base just outside of Victorville, has opened the door for the development of The Southern California International Airport! Many large, high-tek companies are moving here to occupy these newly available leases. The climate for business also appears to be good as you see continued development of housing, retail, and commercial properties.

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