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Infoseek Ultra

Search the Web for:

Search Tips: To search for phrases, surround the words with quotation marks.
Also, proceed words with a plus sign (+) to render results having that word, precede words with a minus sign (-) so results won't contain that word.
Example: "Vitamin Supplements" +minerals -amway

High Desert Direx Local Online Yellow Pages

Search tips: Enter a business name or the keyword of your choice.

Thousands of reviewed and rated sites with parental guidance flags.

Search tips: Enter any relevant terms, but remember: the more terms you enter, the more results you'll get.

AltaVista Web search
Fast results from a wide-ranging and up-to-date full-text index.

show results with:

Search tips: Enter relevant keywords, with phrases in quotation marks (for example, "AltaVista"). For more details, read simple search help.

Lookup, locate and vote on millions of U.S. businesses here.
business name

Search tips: Enter the name of the company or type of business you want. To further narrow your search enter a city and state.

Infoseek Guide
Search Net-wide or within their large catalog of reviewed Web sites.

Search tips: Use plain-English sentences or keywords and phrases. For more options, check the special query operators.

Excite NetSearch
Search over 50 million indexed Web pages, or 65,000 reviewed sites.

Search tips: Enter a relevant word or phrase with no special syntax; it's case insensitive.

This Web-wide search engine's based on U.C. Berkeley's Inktomi.

search for

Search tips: Enter a search term or terms.

Large directory of Web sites, personal addresses, and businesses.

keyword, name, or phrase

company name



state or province

country and               postal or zip code

maximum results

Search tips: Enter a word in any of the boxes above and press the search button.

Chambers of Commerce Directory
International Chambers of Commerce lookup with addresses and links.
chamber name
chamber city

state or province

Search tips: Enter cities, states, provinces or partial names, but be careful: typing LA, for instance, will get you all the chambers in Louisiana, plus those in La Grange, Georgia, and other cities.

This metasearch tool scans nine other search services in one click.

Search for phrase (slow) all these words any of these words

Search tips: Make your search as precise as possible: MetaCrawler is typically very slow.

A Web search known for the number and relevancy of the hits it returns.

Search tips: Enter a few relevant keywords. All keywords are searched individually, unless you perform an advanced search.

Open Text
A major player in fast, complete Web catalog searching.

phrase all words (AND) any words (OR)

Search tips: For multiple-word searches, narrow the search using AND. Widen the search with OR.




The G-rated directory of Web resources for kids.'s Best of the Web
Search's index for pretested and quality-checked sites.

Search tips: Enter any word, phrase, or partial word.

TradeWave Galaxy
Collected Web info focusing on secure electronic commerce issues.

select output

any search term   all search terms

the web   galaxy pages   gopher titles   telnet resources
all text   title text only  link text only

Search tips: Narrow your search by separating words with AND or NOT. Widen the search with OR.

Virtual Yellow Pages
Virtual Yellow Pages Web-based business lookup with informative blurbs.


Search tips: Enter words or phrases for a natural-language query, or just use relevant keywords. Put a checkmark in the OR box to narrow your search.

America Online's resident World Wide Web site catalog.

search for of these words
return results

Search tips: Select options from the drop-down boxes to narrow or widen your search.

West's Legal Directory
A comprehensive database of U.S. and Canadian legal professionals.

maximum results
attorneys and offices
attorneys only   law offices only
all practice types
attorneys in private practice     government attorneys and offices
corporate attorneys and law offices   canadian lawyers and offices

Search tips: Enter a keyword, or visit the site for a lot more options.

555-1212 Area Code Look-Up
Area codes on-demand courtesy of Bell Communications Research.
city name (or first few letters of it)

state or province (required)

Search tips: If you can't find the town you're looking for, enter the nearest city, they likely have the same area code.

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