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Real Estate Land Sales and Investments
in the Victor Valley Since 1972

For the past 25 years, Maverick Company & Associates, has specialized in the sale of land in one of the fastest growing regions of California (if not the USA). It has been said that the Victor Valley located in the High Desert of Southern California is one of the country's best kept secrets.

I would like to thank you for visiting and personally welcome you to an up-close tour of the Victor Valley and of the benefits of owning a piece of it. Whether your interest is residential, commercial, manufacturing, industrial or tract maps. I believe you will not find a stronger reason to invest in land than you will right here in the Victor Valley of Southern California.

All the economic reports and trends point to a strong recovery for Southern California, and our community is poised to attract 21st Century business and residential development as is no other. As you go through the information provided here, you will see why.

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Maverick Company & Associates has been an integral part of the growth, development, and business history of the Victor Valley since 1972. Unlike most Real Estate companies, the Maverick Company markets only Land. Maverick's growth can be attributed to its reputation and the concepts it has followed throughout the years. As in a good investment, Time, Money and Growth are the three essentials, whereas the three pillars of the Maverick Company are Service, Comfort and Knowledge.

Foremost in Mavco's operation, is to ensure that each and every client, whether buying or selling receives not only good service, but an Extraordinary Service. Fitting the investment to the needs of the buyer and insuring that the price and terms fit their budget comfort zone. Often buyers are counseled to purchase a smaller or less expensive property.

A prime goal of Mavco since it's inception, has been to insure that each new client not only has a through understanding of the WHEN - WHERE and WHY of Land Investing, but also knowledge of HOW to invest. Through private and public seminars along with our "MavClips" newsletter, clients are kept abreast of the many new developments and the climate of the market in the Victor Valley.

The Maverick Co. client base numbers into the thousands, with many having achieved much more than moderate success in their investments. You to can reach your financial goals by owning an affordable parcel of land in the path of growth in Southern California's Victor Valley.

Please take a look at our HOT PROPERTY list. For information on other property listings, call or E-mail Maverick Company today.

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