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    The Incredible "Find All" Page
    This page is the locator for everything on "The COM" and has also been given the honor of being the start point for High Desert Linx, the Search Engine for the High Desert. From here, you can search:
    • High Desert Linx
    • High Desert DirEx Online Yellow Pages
    • "The COM's" local pages (Everyhting accessible from here and then some!)
    • Our "Alpha" directory of people and sites.
    We gave it 4 1/2 rockets because H D Linx is still young and in need of more links. All pages originating in the High Desert, no matter what their scope are eligible to be added. So please,
    (VVcom Find)

    High Desert DirExOnline Yellow Pages
    This is a domain of its own not tied to VVdotCOM in the strict sense - Any High Desert Information Provider can (and should) link to it's powerful business search database!

    High Desert DirEx is a full fledged local business directory. Search by category, keyword, or alphabetically. Businesses can have their free listing enhanced for a fraction of what paper directories charge. Try the enhancement generator to see what you business could look like on!
    (Search... DirEx)

    One Stop Info-trieve Page
    Make an intelligent search of over 20 engines and directories all at one stop. You can use this as a daily research starting point or use it to check through the latest issues of the Net's most popular E-Mags as well!

    High Desert
    Interactive Wire
    The IWire is a weekly news site designed to be an alternative resource for the High Desert where everyone can get involved and close to the action. Local News articles are contributed from a variety of sources in the area, and updated by you! The departments include: Interact, Business, Technology, Global News Links, National News Links, and the Past Archive. Be a part of it as it grows!

    IWire Comic
    Classified Ads
    This is truly a fun, functional, and unique resource on the Web anywhere! Each ad here enjoys its own unique page where volumes can be expressed by everyone involved with the ad through updates and public responses! Much traffic has been realized here on the Ads as well, as hundreds come just to be entertained by the jokes that appear on each ad's page. There is alot you can do with this site and alot of business is making its way over.

    High Desert Dining Guide
    Looking for a place to eat? Try the High Desert Dining Guide and you'll find a complete list of restaurants, deli's, cafe's, and much more in the High Desert. You can search by keyword or catagory, for fast personalized results from our database of over 240 listings!

    Due to the fact that our community is growing so quickly visit this link often for the latest additions to our community

    Chat and
    Making the INTERNET INTERACTIVE is really what should be done! No really... Really, really really! OK consider it done. Now, let's hear it! Chat is now a part of "The COM" starting January 15th, 1997! Additionally, the message forums are tied to all sorts of other pages withhin "The COM". As it will always be gradual process, expect to see the message web messhed into the existing web almost from page to page!
    (Local Chat)

    Community Calendar
    This calendar makes every event in the area accessible to all as anyone can post an announcement and the program automatically inserts it into the right date on the calendar. Check it out and post away!

    Com 4
    This "about" page is definitive to the mission and vision of VVdotCOM. Why we are here, and where we want to take the High Desert. It is a sincere hope that every visitor will take the time to read and respond to what is presented.

    As the Real Estate Market was one of the first to start using the Internet for world wide exposure, we felt it to be a good idea to create a page devoted to their cause of promoting the excellent housing and commercial properties available in the High Desert. Here it is. It started out as a place to link a few of our Real Estate Clients... Now it is wide open to including a link to just about anybody and anything connected with the industry in our area.
    (Real Estate)

    High Desert
    Another specialty page, meant to appeal to only those with interest in the area, High Desert Jobs is a place to post and to find employment. Look for links to Clasified Ads, and see our new "Resume Database"
    (Get a Job!)

    High Desert
    Not many Churches in our area currently have web sites... The ones that do, are accessible from here. Take a few minutes to peruse through the links and discover the key ingredient that makes our Community so attractive!

    Although not the High Desert's own personal forecast and current condition page, (there is no such animal!) we aim to come close as pertinent links are placed here to bring you as close as possible to real time information.

    What and Where is the Victor Valley?
    A place we would like everyone visiting and is not familiar with our terrain, to see. Not meant to be visited more than once, but hopefully at least once so that all will be familiar with our community. A few good links to other Victor Valley sites are there as well.

    High Desert Lodging Guide
    Trying to find a good place to stay? The High Desert lodging guide has listings for the best places to stay in the High Desert Area.

    Interviews with
    Positive Locals
    Here is a chance for our community to shine as we parade a regular sampling of the optomistic flavor of the typical High Desert resident. Visit and learn what is really meant when it is said of the Victor Valley, "A Better Way of Life." We could only give this site a 3, due to the need for more interviews to take place. We love doing it, but we're restricted regarding time.

    This is us... the sponsors of Victor Valley dot COM. We offer a multitude of services- Everything from design to hosting to databases to programming to marketing to SUCCESS! You can see by looking through this menu that we have created the needed vehicles for exposure. You can see by looking through this site that we know how to deliver great and marketable design. Now, take it a step further and ask our clients how committed we've been to their success!

    Local Businesses
    on the Web
    (Com4 Clients)
    How could we say this list represents every business in the High Desert with an online presence? We couldn't, and shame on those who infer such a claim. Understanding that every designer wants to showcase his own clients first, however, is the impetus behind this menu of sites. We are proud of our clients and are happy to be working with each of them. BTW, the best chance for a complete list of every High Desert Online Business can be found here. ... and eventually here.

    Business Links
    and Resources
    High Desert DirEx has a special (and especially large) list of business resource links that we think you will find valuable. Track your FEDEX or UPS package, get industry information, see the "business climate indicator" sites that serve the state and the nation. Add links as well that you think others could benefit from.

    The Enhancement
    Making the Web dynamic means allowing future clients to preview your services before they buy... wouldn't you agree? The Enhancement Creator allows you to do just that. See your High Desert DirEx listing come to life and stand out amongst the rest for the sake of your businesses bottom line. Receive an immediate quote via the Web for internet advertising services in our growing local market.

    There is nothing quite like a good guestbook to give a site the good 'ol red carpet treatment. Now that we've made some enhancement to the script and made the guestbook more visible to visitors on the first try, we have some fun ahead of us. The "auto comment" feature is a source for interest. Let us know if you would like to see a few more items added to the menu!

    Awards Won
    Although somewhat of a tired commodity, we just couldn't resist posting up a page of the awards we've won so far. It is still a good feeling to know that we were recognized by Netscape for an earlier version of this Lauch Pad last year. Early 96 was a time when large graphic files that wasted your time yet dazzled your sense of wonder were still cool. We were happy to accomodate! If you have some time to spare, see this trophy room of ours.

    What was once a contest to see how quickly 20 people could do it, has now turned into a standing offer! Go on a treasure hunt for three links, put the pieces of the puzzle together, and have your choice of a quality "VVdotCOM" T-Shirt or Coffee Mug! It's doable... it really is!

    Having long discovered the financial benefits of being on the web, this page is devoted to helping others with the same. Whether your need is to shop wisely, research thoroughly, invest strategically, or conduct business efficiently, the internet is a tool you just can't afford to be without. We'll do our best to keep you updated with ways to save money and the seeds of money (which is time) as we come by them. One chief motto of VVdotCOM is "The Internet doesn't cost you money, the Internet saves you money"
    (Money Help)

    High Desert
    Youth Web
    The High Desert Youth Web is a virtual activites center, due to be completed in construction by Mid February. The target audience is teens, pre-teens, and young adults. (11-22) We'll have Chat, Forums, Homework helps, and links to school web projects. The interests represented are, of course:
    • Games
    • Movies
    • School
    • People, Places, Pizza
    • and Things to do.

      Fun But Useless
      This page is like totaly cool. You have to see it in order to believe it!

      Nu School
      Nu School is a page that, judging by it's rating, is still scarcely more than a concept. We have grand ideas for it being a subject based replica of school curriculum, broken down much like catalog of classes for a new semester at Victor Valley College. All you will need to do is find the subject that interests you, explore a collection of links that provide valuable information in that field, and surf away. Our plan is to include the efforts of local schools in the formation of this community page as distance learning is becoming more and more of a reality. Please let us know of any links you think we should include.
      Constuction Currently Halted

    The Internet
    Flight School
    Newbie's enter confidently here! But that's not all. Everyone can benefit from a little guidance. The Flight School is not about aviation but about getting your feet off the ground in using the internet effectively to enhance your life. There are three levels of courses, a little information aboult our local ISP's, and a chance to get a certified education for free! It only takes a short evening to fly with the big boys on the Net!

    The Background
    MIDI Music
    After tons of experimentation and methods to make a background sound track that the user has complete control of, we created this page so you can get to our complete library of files, but be under no obligation to:
    • Hear anything at all
    • Hear a style you don't like
    • Hear a song indefinately
    • Have the songs tied into your browsing adventure
    With this utility, you can set the length of time you want the songs to play before a new selection is made and you can keep it all in the background, away fro what you are doing on the web in the first place. We have seen plenty of MIDI sites out there on the web, but no one has put MIDI in it's place like VVdotCOM!

    (MIDI [blue])

    I'm not sure how much better of a job of informing you of easy fixes, shortcuts, and performance tips our local web community can do as opposed to the big clearinghouses of information, but let's give it a try shall we? The price is certainly right and Victor Valley people are sure to be much nicer about the whole thing. Offer to take somebody to lunch if they can walk you through a difficult process... Computer geeks need to eat too!

    Call "The COM " Your Home and SAVE at Local Businesses!

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