Fall 1997 Mission Statement
Attention Victor Valley and High Desert Citizens!
News on the News...
October 27th, 1997.
I believe the best direction to take this paper is in the direction of helping to foster journalistic saavy in the local student body. I would appreciate hearing from any local school officials and/or parent associations about their interests in helping kids learn how to publish their own local reports here for all to see! We have created an easy way for each High School to participate in journalistic competition that will elevate the reading and writing skills of every participant! Click HERE to see a demonstration of how easy it is to create your own article online!
As President of Com4Productions, I am willing to offer all the technical support necessary to make this project a reality. All that is needed is your participation in fostering interest and organizing the students. Let's help our kids to be leaders in the future of communications - TODAY!


ISIVN Superstore!

Curb FCC Intervention!

Victor Valley 2000 Now!

VV2000 Now! is a campaign officially launched on January 15th, 1997, but with it's beginning inspirations traceable back to when we first started "The COM" a year ago. Many others have had similar visions as well and will no doubt share in creating it's completion. This campaign is designed to put feet to the idea that we must do everything in our power to prepare our community for 21st Century life by implementing the following now:
  • A solid, local, fully functional internet presence for each business and organization
  • An effective commercial online interface between LOCAL businesses and citizens. (High Desert DirEx)
  • An abundance of free internet training for citizens sponsored by local businesses.
  • Continued availability of new modem lines to prevent the frustrations experienced by today's AOL subscribers.
  • The support and participation of local businesses in the spirit of the Valley Bucks campaign that was conducted to preserve and advance the interests of the High Desert 5 years ago.
  • A cooperative effort amongst every local Web Designer, Marketing Professional, ISP, Computer Supplier, and Educational Entity in supporting resources that are designed to provide the local internet community with a comprehensive collection of pertinent content, information, and entertainment on the World Wide Web.
This campaign is designed to profit all who participate now, in the near future, and beyond as a theme of mutual advancement rests as the centerpiece of its architecture.
Please take the time to read other IWire articles recently written in the Editorial, Business, and Technology sections of this brand new weekly for the Victor Valley! The links are conveniently available above.

The "Interact" section of the paper will be the life blood of our uniqueness. It will be tied to every article and allow everyone to be a participant in the news just like we describe in our mission statement. Look for the release of this great feature to come soon.

Bookmark us Now - You won't regret it!

The Online Version of Costco? You know it's coming sooner or later, why not now?

Is it the wave of the future lurking less than 1 hour's drive away? We are determined to find out! Read Andrew Deal's Internet Report on the ISIVN Superstore

FCC Considering Level of Regulation over the Internet

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
Come see this alert, test the applicability of the quotation above to it, and respond 
accordingly! That is all we ask!


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