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Internet Cadet Training

In this section we will cover:




Downloading Software. (NETSCAPE 3.0 is the model.)

The first thing we will need to do is find a site where we can download it from. Hmmm, well as you have probobly noticed by now, every occurance of even the word "NETSCAPE" on this page is a link to their site for downloading it
What a coincidence!
Before you click it, however, try to remember these simple tips so you won't have to come back to reread them while you are in the download process.
A) Make sure you enter the right product . . . NETSCAPE Navigator 3.0 (Or now try testing version 4.0!)
B) Make sure you enter the right operating sytem . . . Whatever it is unless note below applies

C) Once you get to the file to download, (NETSCAPE takes you through a few steps, as do many download sites) it's just as simple as a click. The only difference between downloading a program and a web page is that when you download a program, you'll be prompted to choose which directory to download it into.

Please follow this tip.

Create a new directory within the download folder of your current software and name it after the program you are getting. This will help keep things organized as you continue to obtain more and more software. Make sure that new directory that you created is where the program will download into. After that, it's time to start the download (click ok) and make yourself a sandwich. The download time can be about a half hour to 45 minutes for NETSCAPE 3.0's 6+megs of power. Other downloads will be proportional. If it is at all possible, try to perform tasks like these after 10:30 at night and things will flow even smoother.

Installing What You Downloaded

After downloading, it's time to install. NETSCAPE is easy. Just d-click the file you downloaded and follow the instructions.
Other files can be a bit trickier. They are usually ZIPPED up. You will need to download WinZip or another capable unzipping program to work with that. T.U.C.O.W.S. is THE place to get WinZip and just about any other software you will need for success with the internet.
Once you have downloaded something and unzipped it, installing it should be just as straightforward as installing something out of a box - Run Setup.exe (or install.exe) and follow the instructions!
After you're done with the install, it might be a good idea to keep the downloaded file(s) in that special directory I suggested that you make so you can use it to reinstall the program if you need to at a later date. This will save you from having to download it all over again.

Using Search Engines

Search engines are your key to information on the web. You really won't need to buy that encyclopedia set you were thinking of getting for the kids! Just go to our search and reference page on "The COM" and try the different engines there. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses and it is a pretty subjective issue as to which is the best. There are two basic types however, to take note of: Subject based engines, such as Yahoo, are good in many ways to find things by subject, and text-based search engines, such as Inktomi and Lycos, will find documents based on the number of occurances of the words you specify in your search. One extra cool thing about Yahoo is that if it doesn't give you the results you are looking for, you can jump right to the same search with other engines off the bottom of Yahoo's list page. Have fun with searches and try to narrow them down to our area. We need to do business with people as local to us as possible. Incidently, please tell our sponsors that you appreciate them supporting "The COM".

Having the big hitter search engines all together in one place is pretty cool, don't you think?
We try to make it easy for ya!

Etiquette on the Web

There is alot that could be mentioned about this subject, but I am simply going to provide you with some links here that will explain this issue in it's entirety. If you'll be happy with the short answer for staying in good standing with the internet community, then here it is. Observe the 10 Commandments, and you'll get along just fine!

Netiquette FAQ 1

Netiquette Home Page

Netiquette for Kids

Join an Email List about Netiquette
(Why? I can't imagine why you'd want to!)

The Internet for Business

The application of the internet into the future of business is mind boggling. Although few people disagree, the more critical point is that these applications are immenent. It certainly behooves everyone involved in business today to start utilizing the internet now instead of shouldering into its use later. It also ranks as the most cost efficient method of getting the message of businesses out to the public. It's advertising dynamics are unequaled in any other form of media. See our business development page for information on getting your Victor Valley business seen by the world, and by your neighbors, with excellent returns from both.

Usenet Newsgroups

As I stated earlier, there are currently more than 20,000 groups in existence. Finding the ones you can realte to can sometimes require a little work, especially if it seems overwhelming to you. Here's what to do: In the NETSCAPE News window, go ahead and try out your news server by opening a news host on the file menu, and entering "news.yourisp.com" (call your ISP if it doesn't work). Go to Options, and select "Show all newsgroups". This will cause the entire list to download to you, and it might take a few minutes. Once that is done, go ahead and search around. Break open a few folders, try a few things. I personally haven't gotten all that into Newsgroups except when looking for something in particular. One excellent and easy way I've recently found to search through them is to use the web to browse them with the help of infoseek! Just specify Usenet on the search. Go ahead and try it on the search/reference page. Since I haven't been to hot on Newsgroups, I'll let others more qualified and involved handle the questions from here.

Boulder Generals Usenet and Netiquette FAQ

Comprehensive Tool from The Smartpages

Sunsite's News Help

Using Email

If you want to be able to organize your Email in a directory tree structure and save alot of your messages, then you might want to use Eudora for your Email. Otherwise, it is best to use the system that works alongside your browser. NETSCAPE's mail is good, AOL's is excellent because it will retrieve it automatically with their Flash Session feature. The issue that you will run into is if you have multiple services (ISP's/ Online Services), you will find yourself receiving mail in multiple places which will cause an organizational hassle. Good ISP's will forward your mail to another domain, but Online services will not. (Yaaaayy ISP's!) Take the time to decide if you need your Online service for email, and if not, relegate it to non-business or say goodbye to it altogether. You generally receive an Email account with whatever ISP you choose, or you can get one here at "The COM" and have a cool Email add like "joeuser@victorvalley.com (if it's not already taken) for only a $10 one-time fee. The cool thing about ours is you can take it with you wherever you go. (Meaning whatever ISP you end up using.) Or you can have all your email forwarded to another email address if you like.

Here is a link that will aid you in establishing good email habits early!

Navigational Tips for Cadets

A) That wonderful right mouse button! Use it for everything.
B) Run into an expired or bad link? Here's a solution so good I should patent it! Place your cursor at the end of the URL on your location bar, and backspace off the file name to the last frontslash. In other words, turn...
http://stallone.com/stud/joke.htm .... into .... http://stallone.com/stud/
The URL you submitted secondly should bring up a menu page where you will be able to link to your desired destination, . . .
http://stallone.com/stud/jock.htm, . . or backspace more if your looking for, . . http://stallone.com/dud/joke.htm
I used this method to find out where the IRS moved to (Those crafty devils, they can run but they can't hide!) and in many other situations.
C)Bookmarks, Bookmarks, Bookmarks! Use 'em and name 'em and group 'em.

Download Free Fonts

Many of our pages take advantage of the special features of Netscape Communicater and Microsoft Internet Explorer in that they recognize various font styles. Many of these fonts you are likely to already have on your computer. For those that you don't, we have compiled a small collection of font faces we like to use on our pages and these fonts are available for download either individually by clicking here. Or you can download all of them in a zip file (197 k) by clicking here.

Font Examples

Well done Cadet!

You are now even with your limited experience, in the top 10 percentile of internet knowledge in America. And it is likely that you will remain near the top as we grow with the changes. Now please join with me in making our community a top 10% community in our nation!

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