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Realizing that many people on "The COM" and on the internet in general are brand to it, we realized that the first thing they need to see is a friendly help section written:

I know I sure could have used a page like this when I first started!

Flight Classes

Since the World Wide Web already has quite a few features built-in to make its use somewhat simple (that's why it's becoming so popular) much of what is discussed here may seem a little redundant to some of you. Not to worry, just skip to the next section or use the "find" function on your 'edit' menu to get to the subject you need help with. We'll work quickly from the ground up 'til everybody in the High Desert is a model cyber-citizen that people in other communities will envy!
This section covers:         (You can link to any of the parts of each course that interest you below)

|| "Why the Web vs. AOL", etc. || Acronym's and Definitons || "Why NETSCAPE?" || FAQ's || Hotlist/Bookmarks || Links and Navigation || Understanding Hypertext || Security || The Use of Forms || Downlading and The Cache ||

This section covers:

|| Downloading Software || Using Search Engines || Etiquette on the Web || The Internet for Business || Usenet Newsgroups || Configuring Email, etc. || Navigational Tips ||

This section covers:

|| Advanced Searches || Winsock Applications (FTP, Telnet) || HTML formatting, etc. || A few more tips ||

Make your Web pages come to life with

Many people think you need a different (Bill Gates) web browser in order to hear background music on the Web! Oh contrair! Download NETSCAPE3.0 !NOW and start hearing what you've been missing.
If you've been having trouble with Netscape wanting to crash, this also will be the solution. I personally recommend that you try the new version of NETSCAPE. It will enhance your time on the web both here on "The COM" and anywhere else there is MIDI to be found!

If the instructions still seem confusing (they very well could) then Email us for help. Many of the pages at "The COM" are outfitted with an option for MIDI music, so don't miss out.
If you are already using Netscape 2.0 or 2.01, and aren't currently interested in getting Netscape 3.0, then you should download Crescendo. This utility is the best for hearing what you have been missing


The big question is... are you paying too much for your access to the net?
You can get everything any online service provides for considerably less, and find it easily with the help of "The COM". The software is free (in most cases) and the providers we recommend have local telephone access numbers in the Victor Valley. "The COM" has the great connections as well as instructions on how to get a new service working for you!

We have additional information about AOL due to demand and because it's fun to read it!
  • The IWire keeps a fresh article about AOL's latest woes.
  • The Ground School has info and a link to the main whistle blower!

    Please don't think us to harsh of our assesment. Rather, just trust our advice and bail out while you still have some hair, some self respect, and a forward view of Internet!

  • Flash.............

    If you are still an online service junkie however...
    AOL has been implementing their new Aol-net connections all across the country and they have just made a visit to our High Desert. Originally scheduled for an April launch date, the Aol-net provides 28,800 bps speed to your online experience. GNN users can also use this new access number:


    We'll see how the quality goes on this new number (amount of lines, traffic etc.). Let us all know your experiences with it in the guestbook!

    That last crack leads us to this second announcement...

    You can now get unlimited hours online with EEE for only $15 per month! Call 1-800-650-3288

    The Enterprise for Economic Excellence has been providing this service in the San Bernadino area for some time now, and has just now got it going for us!
    Send Email inquiries to EEE if you can't call right now.

    They will charge $35 for the first month (which includes a $20 setup fee). This price is a temporary introductory fee for our area!

    You will be asked for your Mastercard or Visa. If you elect not to use either, they will accept checks for a 6 or 12 month term, prepaid.

    Attention! If you already have all the software you need,
    (Windows95 users have the TCP/IP stack on their CD)
    you can save $10 more! Just ask EEE when you order!

    ("We'll have instructions for you here soon Windows 95er!)

    Special Tricks on "The COM"

    Linelace to the top

    A simple yet noteworthy feature is that all large pages on "The COM" have now been discretly outfitted with an "easy return" tool that takes you right back to the top of the page to choose a new item from the menu. We accomplish this not with bulky, cluttering text, but with the simple yet classic linelace. We believe that convenience in navigating within a document is as important as navigating intelligently between documents.

    Control Panel

    If you have NETSCAPE 2.0, 2.01 or 3.0, or any other "frames capable" then you have seen our latest feature. I hope it made a good impression on you as I know it did on the the reviewers at NETSCAPE. The Control Panel was created to allow you more control over where you can go and how quickly you can get back! A variety of MIDI songs are available by clicking on the music symbol. This will open up another window and allow you to have personal control over any MIDI music that comes over your speakers. We have a large library so have fun finding your favorite background music for the day. You'll need to make sure you have a Crescendo Plug-In or browser equivalently equipped. If it works, you'll know that you do!

    There are a number of different dynamic features you will see tied into the Control Panel as well. Soon, the Control Panel will automatically optimize the display and functions to best match the capabilities of your browser!

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