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    A Art - PoArt(picuture,poem,story)
    Description:   PoArt is the art that speaks. Look at picture,read its poem, then an inspired story and you'll recognize faces emerging from the colors of emotions. Please enjoy.
    URL: http://www.inconnect.com/~scot/B-Art.html

    Aldana Graphics
    Description:   The most amazing website on the planet, by Graphic Designer Carlos Aldana. Full of Flash2 animations, music and sound effect games, and arcade and video game emulators. Website design, 3D computer animation, logo design, flyers, you name it! Aldana Graphics, Graphic Arts. Games, Music, Animation, more!
    URL: http://members.aol.com/aldanafx

    Country Music Artist Kevin Buchanan
    Description:   Local Country Artist Kevin Buchanan's website. Silvertown Music and Mescal River Publishing. News, pictures, Artist information and Album information.See whats happening in the local country music spotlight
    URL: http://www.silvertownmusic.com

    MIDT on the Web
    Description:   This is the Victor Valley College's film club web site. It contains news, contact info, shedules and lists of upcoming events that the film club is working on. Site designed by Kris Mendoza of SGX Studios.
    URL: http://come.to/MIDTFilm

    Road Records
    Description:   Road Records and Askland Recording Studio are located in Victorville in Southern California's high desert. Album production and demo recording from small voice over work to complete symphonic recordings. 800-542-7782.
    URL: http://www.roadrecords.com

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