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Health and Law Magazine
Mason Electronics
Hot Shots
Burke Wurke
Maverick Realty
Candlewood Realty
Carol Marie's
Pet Bone Dog Products
H. D. Therapeutic Massage
AAA-Agape Senior Care
New Vision
J&Y Enterprises
Crazy For Cats
Alloway Bail Bonds
Cool Water Trading Company
Comfort Systems
Victorville Rotary
High Desert Skin Center
The Ranch in Apple Valley
Lemes Group/Goodwill Cars
Turnages Public Auction & New/Used Furniture

Digital Satellite Systems

Mason Electronics - Dish Network
You will find a dish NETWORK satellite system from Mason Electronics in homes all around the country due to the raving success of this commercial Web site. Vic Mason, the owner has sold well over 120 units since August and, working together with Com4Productions, is moving strongly into the new year. If you are looking for a design and marketing firm that brings results to its clients instead of just promises, call Victor at 619-242-8324 and discuss with him what it takes to make small business work on the Internet.


Hot Shots Celebrity Photo Agency
Where did those famous people go? One call to Hotshots and you can capture the presence of the highly esteemed celebrity class! The site at Hot Shots carries a HUGE catalog of photographs taken personally by Bob Ives over the last ten years. There are over 3000 available shots of over 850 different stars. Bob came to us in September needing to catalog his inventory on the web and we gladly accepted the challenge. All 850+ stars are listed with the amount of photos by each. An order form slides right in next to the list where users can order via many different methods. Hot Shots is another Internet success story brought to you by Com4Productions.


Crazy for Cats An innovative, creative, quality catalog for the consummate cat lover!
You'll find a host of items for the home, for the cat, as well as home made, quality silk clothing. You won't find these items for less in any mass mail catalog. Come see how reasonable these excellent items are.

Real Estate

Candlewood Investment Properties - Lance Taylor, Broker/Owner of commercial Real Estate in the most rapidly expanding portion of the High Desert, seeks investment contacts, principals, etc

The Ranch
These homes are some of the best new homes you can buy in the High Desert. Located in the Sycamore Rocks area of Northern Apple Valley, they rest above the valley and away from it all, while remaining accessible to everything our community has to offer. Come and see the advantages of coming home to the Ranch!

Maverick Realty
Ron Axelrod of Maverick Realty is your ambassador to the best in prime land development near and around the booming Southern California Airport Industrial Zone. Investors seeking success in the new frontier of commercial growth come to the High Desert and talk to Ron!


Health and Law
Since it's inception in November 1995,
Health and Law Newsmagazine has been turning heads and educating people in an innovative and sophisticated fashion. The internet version contains archived articles since the beginning, allowing you to search for answers to all of your health care needs. Health and Law Magazine is due to become a virtual launchpad on "VVdotCOM" for information on these issues for all citizens of the High Desert and beyond.


Burke Wurke Fine Line Artwork
You will find alot of artwork on the Web that is generated by one program after another, but some many look the same! When you have Devin Burke doing your artwork for you however, You have something unique. Something that will turn heads and drive up your visitor count. When you visit his page, be prepared to see originals that have the detail of photographs, yet are done with ordinary writing tools. Simply amazing!


Pet Bone Dog Products
Inventor and artist, Roderick Andrade, came up with a very unique concept -- Put your dog bones to good use! Come see what Rod has drawn up, read what what he has to say, and pull for him in his quest to get the attention of Hartz Mountain and other manufacturers.

Health and Beauty

Carol Marie's Beauty and Health Spa
Where You Are The Star
Carol Marie's is the place to go to get the right treatment. There are so many features to our Spa, you simply need to check with us to see all that is there. You have seen many a small beauty shop call themselves a Spa just because they have a tub. At Carol Marie's, you will find over 5000 square feet of rooms devoted to a variety of health and beauty treatments, and qualified, friendly staff in every department as well.

Carol Marie's also has the highest quality products available for your skin... and you can order them right on-line!

High Desert Therapeutic Massage
If you suffer from any of the following:

  • Muscle Tension and Stresses
  • Reduced Circulation
  • Irritability
  • Restricted Movement
  • Tight Muscles and Joints
  • Itchy, Dry Skin
  • Post-surgery Discomfort or Injuries
  • Swelling & Water Retention
Then you need to come and visit not only this site, but more importantly our offices. Call for an appointment today!

Senior's Issues

AAA - Agape Senior Care
As the population of the United States grows older, many families are facing the problem of how to care for elderly or chronically ill senior relatives. When the situation arises, as it will with everyone sooner or later, it is almost impossible to choose the right home with an assurance that the proper amount of care will be given. Clara Vandover started her Senior Care referral service for several reasons, but the primary motivator was the fact that many seniors in care homes are not receiving the care they deserve from the homes they are in.

Vitamins and Health

New Vision
New Vision offers the best vitamins and mineral supplements available today. Is that something you have heard before? Well Dan Moffett wants you to take a tape off of his hands for free so you hear from yourself what qualified doctors are saying about the depleted condition of today's foods and what can be done to keep you and your family healthy in the midst of it. BTW, any of the tapes are free for the asking!


J & Y Enterprises
Thinking of a romantic evening for two? Want privacy and elegance but a restaurant atmosphere is not what you're looking for? Do you have to plan a company party for 1000 guests and you don't know where to start or what to server?
J & Y Enterprises, one of the High Desert's best kept secrets, specializes in on site preparation. Whether an intimate dinner for two, breakfast in bed, large dinner parties, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate affairs, sporting events, mixers, surprise parties, theme parties, or your fantasy, J & Y Enterprises has over 20 years experience creating the perfect food and atmosphere to suit the most discriminating tastes.

Legal Assistance

Alloway Bail Bonds
Most people never think of the need for a bail bonds agency, of course. But when one is needed, they are needed in the midst of circumstances that are almost always unexpected. Alloway Bail Bonds lives by the motto, "It is better to know us and not need us, than to need us and not know us."

Indian Jewelry

Cool Water Trading Company
Looking for rare Indian Jewelry and Gifts? You can visit Cool Water Trading Company at their fine store in the Mall of Victor Valley or right here on the Internet! You'll find a wide array of kachina's, Headdresses, breast plates, chokers, coup sticks, spirit sticks, pipes, lances bows, quivers, war clubs, shields, drums, rattles and more!


Comfort Systems Inc.
Twice a year everyone hears about the High Desert Home Show! In the Fall it's the Home and Recreation Show and in the Spring it's the Home and Garden Show. Comfort Systems Inc. along with producing these grand events is also in the business of constructing patio rooms both for residential and commercial applications. Come see their booth and a couple hundred more every April and November to get the most information available to help you make the best buying decisions for your family.

Service Clubs

Victorville Rotary Club
The Victorville Rotary Club certainly has a great deal to offer the community in a number of ways. Come and see what Rotary clubs are all about, sign our guestbook, check our calendar and bulletin, and get involved in ways to benefit all!


High Desert Skin Center
Dr. Hodgkin and his associates are proud to offer the best dermatological care available in the High Desert. Dr. Hodgkin's articles have been read by thousands on the internet and links to each are available right off of his site. Come and visit to learn more about your skin and how to take care of fit for life!


Lemes Group/Goodwill Cars
Family owned and operated for over 30 years, Lemes Group and Goodwill Cars offer the best selection of quality used cars at bargain prices. With their Complete Professional Auto care and service department they provide the most comprehensive car care service in the High Desert. There your one stop place to shop.

Turnages Public Auction & New/Used Furniture
With Quality Used Furniture and appliances at Low Affordable Prices Turnages offers the best place in the High Desert to shop for quality used merchandise. With a public auction every Saturday at noon there are no better deals anywhere!

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